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Mr Pär Larshans is Chief Sustainability officer at Max Hamburger Restaurants - a Swedish, family owned fast-food company founded in 1968. Pär has been at Max for more than 27 years, drawing the inspiration for his work from Max's owners and their business practice based on RESPONSIBILITY. In January 2013 the Trust Across America listed Pär as one of TOP 100 Thought Leaders global ranking . in Feb 2013 also given the Swedish award - intraprenor of year by Talentia.

Pär studied electrical engineering and economics at Gävle/Uppsala University. He is also a certified THE trainer.

Pär is a much requested speaker on topics such as leadership, sustainability, and human rights - especially for people with disabilities. Over the past years, Pär has given several 100's of speeches around the themes of sustainability.

Parallel to his work at Max, Pär also gives lectures on behalf of the Swedish foreign ministry/Swedish Institute. In this capacity, he works with leaders from China, Russia and many other countries on sustainable leadership in both business and society. In 2011 also to top management groups from India. Pär is also a guest teacher at several Novare management programs.

What Change inspire him :

"My vision of the need of change is printed out in one model. “A picture can easy tell more than 1000 words “ - but this one still needs an explanation. In my speech to UNHCR, as shown above is the youtube clip from July 2013. I have tried to explain it briefly. It takes both in consideration the challenges in the social as well as in the ecological system that the world meets, but the impact is when people find that they can all be changemakers, they can all be a part of deciding what will happen in the future – a purpose starts to grow. " look at the diagram

Discover Pär Larshans' interview at the World Forum Lille 2013:

World Forum Lille 2013 : Pär LARSHANS par WorldForumLilleTV


1. Speech to UNHCR global conference about a model of change inspired by the life of Winston Churchill. In this attached video is model, the speech was given in July 2013.I spend approx 5 minutes in it to describe the model, the rest of time I give concrete examples. Watch the video here

2. Speech at the SOCAP2012 EUROPEAN conference in Malmö 2012 – more of the ecological perspective. Watch the video here.

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Chief Sustainability Officer
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Max Burgers
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