Speaker John COMPTON


John leads B&Q's new local social networking programme, Streetclub, which is all about getting neighbours to use the power of the internet to build a stronger sense of community. Streetclub allows neighbours to create a private and trusted social networks to talk, share and plan together. This fits perfectly with our purpose to make it easier for customers to have better and more sustainable homes. B&Q believes that one clear part of this will be the sharing skills and tools amongst neighbours, and so working towards this is a key part of the vision that we have for Streetclub. We also see a strong community in itself as a part of a sustainable way of living.

Prior to Streetclub, John worked in a variety of roles across the organisation. During his 19 years with B&Q he has been a buyer, managed the company-wide implementation of SAP for Retail, led supply chain forecasting projects across a number of operating countries within the Kingfisher group and with the Asia sourcing offices, and worked on in-store supply chain deployment remodelling. So it's fair to say that his current project is a huge new learning opportunity for him as well as B&Q. Outside of work, he is a keen runner and a member of Southampton Athletic, training for distances from 5k to marathon. He's also a dedicated wine taster and educator in his spare time, organising a number of professional events through the year, and holds a diploma in wine from his days fresh out of University, when he worked for 4 years for Oddbins, managing a number of stores for them.

Office :
Streetclub Manager
Organization :
B&Q (Kingfisher group)
Country :
United Kingdom