Moderator Anne-Catherine HUSSON TRAORE


Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore is executive director of Novethic, media awareness that promotes a greener economic model of human and environment. It allows the public to learn about the impacts of environmental crises, social and governance issues facing the planet.
She oversees the research center on SRI and CSR publishes half-dozen studies per year and assign a label to SRI products and sets the editorial line media. In addition, she is involved in numerous conferences and regularly organizes debates as an expert of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), particularly Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). She is in charge of a quarterly newsletter for a professional audience on the topic, SRI essentials.



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Novethic, the French expert of RI, is subsidiary of la Caisse des Dépôts.

It is an sensitization media that promotes a greener economic model of the human and the environment and a research center on SRI and CSR.

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