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People who work for Grupo Libra are passionate about the idea of growing while promoting the growth of everyone related to them. They believe in growth that is in harmony with the environment, that values life and people, and that improves society. That is how they want to create, innovate and make a difference in every sector in which we operate.

They coordinate the operations of their companies focusing on personnel management and operational excellence, promoting a Libra Culture of Management, capable of producing Right Growth.

They provide port operations services with excellence, reliability, transparent information and competitive costs.

They promote a culture of long-term planning and relationships to synchronize demands and investments, ensuring continual accountability of services capable of producing Right Growth.

They offer integrated, customized, efficient and sustainable intermodal logistics solutions for foreign trade flows.

They cultivate trustworthy relationships with clients and partners and become familiar with their businesses, in order to develop solutions with logistical intelligence capable of bringing about Right Growth.

Marcos MUNIZ ROSSA is the Corporate Sustainability and Safety Manager of Grupo Libra.

What Change inspire Grupo Libra:

A concrete commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their terminals in Santos and Rio.Learn more about it: http://www.globalunionforsustainability.org/en/discover-the-commitments/77?view=commit

Discover Marcos Muniz Rossa's interview at the World Forum Lille 2013 :

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Corporate sustainability and safety manager
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Grupo Libra
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