Speaker Martin REVEL


The Rabot Dutilleul Group along with Crédit Agricole Nord de France created in 2009 a new entity that brings together the three promotion companies (Palm promotion, Built Conseil Immobilier, FADS) under a new identity: Nacarat.
Originally from northern France, the Nacarat group is particularly present in the Rhone-Alpes region. Martin Revel, director of Nacarat in Lyon, introduced the concept of K, block designed by the proponent.
This is one of the new concepts put to the test in Confluence: push forward functional diversity into buildings, integrating vertically uses. Martin Revel, director of the Lyon Nacarat promoter, explained the philosophy of the K block, a set of six buildings of 15,000 m2 SHON located in the north of the Denuzière square, which specificity is to mix some of these uses further on. The concept of vertical mixed use, includes shops, offices and apartments in the same building.

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