Speaker Carolina PROAÑO-CASTRO


Carolina PROAÑO-CASTRO is Fundación Futuro’s Executive Director, the private non-for-profit organization from Grupo Futuro. This group of Ecuadorean companies are leaders in their respective industries — insurance, healthcare and tourism. Carolina PROAÑO-CASTRO was previously part of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, where she promoted low-emission development in Peru and Quito. She also worked with Talking Transformation (UK), mainstreaming climate change into biodiversity and development programs.

Through an integrated landscape management plan, Fundación Futuro brings the proactivity and know-how of the private sector around the topics of innovation, responsiveness, efficiency, skills and resources to support the implementation of the SDGs, the climate change goals and the biodiversity targets. MashpiLAB is a pragmatic example of this. Grupo Futuro’s companies are committed to address climate change. They’ve put a voluntary price to their carbon emissions, have reached carbon neutrality and have raised funds to invest in conservation and restoration of remnants of forests in Ecuador.

Carolina PROAÑO-CASTRO will present MashpiLAB, an R+D laboratory that explores the gastronomic potential of the cloud forest. MashpiLAB supports local biodiversity conservation, food security and sustainable tourism.

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Executive Director
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Fundación Futuro
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