Speaker Andreas SCHÖFBECK


Andreas Schöfbeck was born in 1963, he is married and has two children. Since 2001, he successfully merged twelve health insurance companies into BKK ProVita which now forms a community of 119,000 insured persons, one of the fifty biggest health insurance companies in Germany.

A strategic realignment in 2014 culminated in today’s appearance of BKK ProVita – a complete re-branding including a new name, corporate design and striking product offerings. These are based on the belief that health can only be achieved with a holistic perspective of body, mind and soul. Today, BBK ProVita is the market leader with offers from the field of alternative medicine.

Under Andreas Schöfbeck’s leadership, BKK ProVita prepared its first Common Good Balance (certified by the Economy for the Common Good) in December 2015.

Andreas Schöfbeck likes to meditate and eats vegan. He is dedicated to healthy nutrition and ecology. One of his current projects is to establish recent scientific findings of psychoneuroimmunology in the German health care system.

Office :
Chief Executive Officer
Organization :
BKK ProVita
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