Moderator Esther DORMAGEN

As president of Ellio, a consulting firm specializing in sustainable strategies, Esther DORMAGEN supports organizations in their reflection process to help them build sustainable solutions.


As a creator of links and value-added solutions, Esther DORMAGEN supports teams from all kind of organizations in their strategic and sustainability thinking. She works closely with her clients, supporting them throughout their thinking to help them build more innovative and mobilizing solutions that improve their overall performance. Esther DORMAGEN also has several years of experience in human resources management, particularly in the industrial, logistics, brand management and subsidiary sectors, acquired at L'Oréal in Europe.

She is trained in co-creation techniques, notably in Appreciative Inquiry and Imfusio's Corporate Hackers course.

Esther DORMAGEN contributed to the design of the BNQ 21000 standard and its application methodology, the Sustainable Industries Council's Ecoresponsible Program and was a partner of The Natural Step Canada. She is the initiator of the Montréal Sustainable Development Pathway for Montréal SMEs, created in 2018 with the City of Montréal, the Conseil des industries durables (sustainable industries council), the Government of Québec and the C40 group (Women4Climate program). Since 2017, Ellio's entire team has been working to coordinate, animate and support the Parours in Montreal.

Esther DORMAGEN also co-founded Toucan Solutions, a company whose objective is to help agri-food companies fight waste.

She holds an MBA from McGill University and has been teaching the first Sustainability Consulting course at McGill's Faculty of Management since 2015.


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Ellio's mission is to help leaders and operational teams of all types of organizations make the transition to more sustainable business models and operating methods.

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