Speaker Alexandra GAMARRA


Alexandra Gamarra studied international business and specialized on business administration. She has worked for large corporates in senior roles such as exports manager and business development. In 2008 she co-founded an e-commerce business in the United Kingdom and after 12 months, it exceeded US1.000.000 yearly turnover with a team of only 4 people and no external investment. Since 2008 she started implementing telecommuting and flexible work models in her companies as a way to increase productivity and in order to offer a better quality of life to employees. She has become an ambassador for telecommuting in Latin America and has been speaker at national and international events about the importance of telecommuting on productivity, quality of life for employees, mobility in large cities and the environment. Alexandra has published several articles about productivity and the importance of telecommuting for companies and their employees. She is currently writing a book due to be released soon about the responsibility of companies towards the quality of life of their teams and their responsibility towards the environment. Alexandra has managed companies in the United Kingdom, United States & Hong Kong and has visited over 25 countries while managing her business remotely.


Interview : Alexandra Gamara

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