Speaker Steven BECKERS


Steven Beckers is CEO of Lateral Thinking Factory and co-Founder of the European Center for Implementation of the Circular Economy (ICCE). An original supporter of the circular economy and "Cradle-to-Cradle", he devised systemic solutions for implementing these two notions within fields tied to urban metabolism and architecture. After working 2 years in Geneva and another 11 in London, where he served as European Director of EPR Architects and was involved in many major European projects, Steven went on to lead the team of architects renovating European Commission headquarters in Brussels' Berlaymont Building. This project, approved in 1986, made him aware of the value creation potential associated with the circular economy. With Art & Build architects, Mr. Beckers participated in the Council of Europe's new Agora headquarters and its Pharmacopeia in Strasbourg. He has been awarded many international prizes for his breadth of vision applied to the urban environment.

Steven has also co-founded the Local Solutions Development Group ASBL, an NGO active in Sub-Saharan Africa, and assisted in creating the University of Addis Ababa's ECIP Lab, in partnership with ULB and ULG in Belgium.

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