Speaker Arthur ZANG


Arthur Zang, the inventor of the Cardio Pad, is part of a new generation of African social entrepreneurs who are determined to build high-tech business ventures while helping their fellow citizens.

Zang is the Computer Science Engineer and a Researcher in Biomedical Engineering who published many Scientific Articles in the field of Medical Informatics.

Zang did a Master’s at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé to give him the necessary expertise to design the Cardio Pad. He was a 23-year-old computer science student when he first started designing his system five years ago. The Cardio Pad consists of a set of ECG electrodes working with a touch-screen tablet that allow performing a heart examination on a patient and downloading specialist interpretation from a remote area. To raise fund for his project, zang has never been afraid to compete against other entrepreneurs around the world. in 2011, he was a semi-finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine cup, a student technology competition, and, in 2012, he won medical innovation awards from both the Cameroonian Association of Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany, as well as from the Junior Chamber International, a global network of young active citizens.

In 2014,ZANG won the ROLEX AWARDS FOR ENTREPRISE in the Cathegory of Applied Technology.

Not all inventions succeed, but Zang’s talent is that he is not merely a dreamer who has great ideas – he has the determination to see them through. “To me, if you start something, you must finish it. That is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

That is why he decided to create a Medical Devices Manufacturing company called Himore Medical Equipments, where he works full time as the Chief Executive Officer.

This Company, located in Cameroon, works for  bringing the cardio-pad on the market in Cameroon, and for developing new medical devices.

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Founder, CEO
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Himore Medical Equipments
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