The event

The World Forum for a Responsible Economy: an annual event for entrepreneurs who want to act practically in favour of a more responsible economy

Every year, since 2007, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy has given the floor to committed stakeholders. From across the world, they come to share their ideas, practices and visions to clear the path to action.

While we share the issue of transforming our economy and society, action must be collective. Whatever professions or business sectors, moving into action is more than necessary. For this 15th edition, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy is creating a space conducive to emulation and development of impact solutions. It encourages the development of "co-s" (co-creation, collaboration, cooperation) to stimulate a change of scale in our region.


Here are five good reasons for taking part in the event and the dynamic:



01. Discover How to Stimulate the Transformation of Your Company

The World Forum for a Responsible Economy is a catalyst for innovation. By giving the floor to various stakeholders on subjects which are both practical and inspiring, it offers new perspectives to business leaders. Throughout the edition, practices implemented by peers are highlighted and thus offer everyone the keys to change or to speed up one's approach.

02. To connect with territories

As an activator, accelerator and showcase for structuring projects on a regional level, the World Forum contributes to mobilising regional players, essential for the concrete completion of large-scale projects.

In 2012, rev3 led to transforming the Hauts-de-France Region into a pilot territory for economic development Jeremy Rifkin’s leadership. In 2014, thanks to Muhammad Yunus, SoBizHub secured the territory’s place in the global dynamics of Social Business. In 2018, with B Corp en Région, thanks to the World Forum, Réseau Alliances became a hub for regional enterprises aiming to set up a responsible economy.

03. Meet Your Peers and Create Business Opportunities

The World Forum for a Responsible Economy is a collaborative event: it encourages meetings between leaders in order to create business opportunities. Through collaborative workshops and networking sessions, the event is keen to be at the root of future impact solutions which will be rolled out in the region.

04. Take Advantage of 30 Years of Expertise and Listening on the Ground

For 30 years, Réseau Alliances, organiser of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy has been putting together a network of more than 380 companies in the region, committed to a responsible economy. Its mission is to support them in structuring and rolling out their CSR approaches. This continuing expertise and listening allows Réseau Alliances to offer a tailor-made programme and offer, during the event and throughout the year.

05. Listen to Stakeholders From All Around the World

Thanks to the work of a number of correspondents from across the world, speakers, expert in their field, come to share their visions and experiences at the World Forum for a Responsible Economy. Whether they are entrepreneurs, CEOs or visionaries, the event invites each of them to share the success of their commitment to a responsible economy.



An event with 15 years of experience
and prestigious speakers

Since the first World Forum in 2007, this event has attracted many prestigious participants willing to share their experience.

Business Leaders

Didier Leroy, Toyota
Max Koeune, McCain Foods
Martha Tilaar, Martha Tilaar Group
Gérard Mestrallet, ENGIE
Louisa Mojela, Whipold
Gérard Boivin, Unibel
Gérard Mulliez, Auchan


Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Jeremy Rifkin, economist
Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Ellen MacArthur, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Guy Rider, International Labour Organization
Max Anderson, creator of the MBA Oath
Youssou N’Dour, Birima
Michel Serres, Académie Française
Rob Hopkins, Transition Network
Yann Arthus Bertrand, GoodPlanet Foundation
Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse Foundation


Gunter Pauli, The Blue Economy
Ma Yihe, Winsun
Vérone Mankou, VMK
Dirk Ahlborn, Hyperloop
David Katz, Plastic Bank
Michael Shuman, BALLE

To find out about all the speakers from previous editions of the World Forum, consult our interactive map.


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