Speaker Rachel SHAUL


Rachel has over 20 years of managerial and marketing experience with global tech-driven companies. At Netafim, she is responsible for global marketing initiatives, including corporate communications, and identity, global integrated marketing activities, public relations, and research. She is also responsible for sustainability and external affairs activities, including forging relationships with industrial and public interest groups.
Prior to joining Netafim, Rachel served as Director of Advertising and Brand Management at Comverse, where she helped the world-leading multimedia telecom applications provider transition from traditional to digital marketing. Before that, she held various marketing roles for high-tech companies.
Rachel has an MA from the Science, Technology and Society Program at Bar-Ilan University. As part of her studies, she conducted a research project analyzing the point where women growers in the Indian state of Gujarat intersect with drip irrigation technology, and understanding how drip impacts their lives. Rachel also has an MA in Communications from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a BA from Tel Aviv University.


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As the world's leading irrigation company, Netafim is challenged to drive mass adoption of smart solutions to fight scarcity of food, water and land. One way to accomplish this is by making drip technology more accessible to smallholders – the millions of small-scale farmers who grow most of the world's food.
To ensure equal access to drip technology, especially in emerging economies, we actively support a sustainable agriculture public policy. Through our work with local, national and municipal governing bodies, participation in global working groups and policy-influencing organizations, and partnerships with NGOs, we encourage policy makers to promote drip, facilitate its access, and provide incentives for its usage.
We also offer a drip irrigation solution dedicated to smallholders. Our Family Drip System™ (FDS™) is a comprehensive, gravity-based solution requiring no electricity or energy source. Suitable for plots up to 1,000m2, FDS ensures higher and better yields with limited water resources, enabling smallholders to transition from subsistence to commercial farming, while delivering benefits to their communities and the world at large.

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