Speaker Ségolène GUITTON


Ségolène GUITTON is a Transformation Designer, Facilitator and Communicator at Imfusio.

After 15 years as an insurance lawyer specialized in industrial and aviation risks, she chose to change careers by pursuing a Master 2 in Corporate and Institutional Communication at CELSA Paris Sorbonne.

A 180-degree turn that led her to join Imfusio, a French company that has been supporting transformation initiatives in both public and private organizations for 15 years, with the primary mission of reconciling employee enthusiasm with their company's performance.

Ségolène GUITTON joined Imfusio for its optimism, its creative audacity, its mode of governance based on trust, and its determination to always support its clients to surpass themselves in a constant concern for the general interest. This is what she wants to share at the World Forum.

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Transformation Designer
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