Speaker Gili SWARY


Gili SWARY is Professional Manager at Hackaveret – Israel's hub for social innovation.

Hackaveret is a cutting edge initiative that enables social entrepreneurs to scale up ideas that can serve vulnerable communities and reduce social gaps in society. Through the different programs of Hackaveret, social entrepreneurs receive guidance, support and networking that enables them to succeed in launching their ideas and reach scale. Unique to its model is the possibility of an accelerated scaling up and nation-wide replication of pilot models thru Hackaveret's partner organizations that are strategic partners of the Israeli Government ministries in key program areas: JDC Israel and the National Insurance Social funds. Today Hackaveret holds the biggest network of Social entrepreneurs in Israel with more than 2,000 members.

She joined Hackaveret's founding team to build and design its value proposition for entrepreneurs. This includes strategic planning of all programs, full responsibility of the structure, content and recruitment of the entire professional network: analysts, mentors, consultants, lecturers, investors and partners that take part in the programs (accelerator, funded pilots, hackathons and entrepreneurial boot camps). Today she manages the directors of all programs and she works closely with the entrepreneurs in their pilots.

In her previous job, Gili SWARY was part of a unique project called "Go ahead – touch-free smartphone" for people with severe motor disabilities — a partnership between the Israeli startup Sesame Enable, Google Israel and Beit Issie Shapiro (the largest NGO in Israel for people with disabilities). In her job as a regional manager, she led collaborations with institutions (hospitals and rehabilitation centers, NGOs, municipalities, etc.), locating users who are housebound and "under the radar" and leading all instructions in the region while managing a team of instructors in the implementation of the technology. In addition, Gili SWARY worked closely with Sesame Enable's staff on the app's updates and features.

Prior to that, Gili SWARY graduated the Mandel Social Leadership MBA program in Ben-Gurion University while working for Maala – Israel’s leading CSR organization.

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