Speaker Philippe VASSEUR

Former Minister, Philippe Vasseur is the current president of Réseau Alliances and the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.

He is also today President of the Rev3 mission.


Philippe VASSEUR, President of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy and the Alliances Network, is also a former French Minister (Agriculture, Fishing and Food).

Previously, he was the Economic Editorial Director of French newspaper “Le Figaro”, Editor-in-Chief of the economic daily “Les Echos” and in charge of economic and social information on the first French television channel, TF1.

He is currently the first high commissioner for the reindustrialization and revitalization of the Hauts-de-France region.



We are right in the middle of the Revolution. It’s an established fact: everything changes, everything goes by quite quickly. And it’s not over. The strongest upheaval is yet to come.

The technological, economic, social, environmental, and geostrategic changes we face are dizzying... We are no longer in one of those transitional periods that have marked the history of Humanity. We are living in a Revolution as our world has only known a few over the centuries, but never accelerating with such intensity.

This Revolution brings with it major risks which can lead to extreme risks. But it could, on the contrary, open itself to beneficial opportunities bringing new solutions to the great problems of our time.

The debate on artificial intelligence illustrates in an exemplary way this antagonism between fears and hopes. For some, the very existence of the human species is threatened. For others, it is an era of reduced labor constraints and abundance that is within our reach.

So, is the Revolution for better or worse? The answer - uncertain - depends on the degree of responsibility we can exercise, collectively and individually.

The stakes are crucial, the challenges are many. Like the hummingbird of the parable who fights the fire by watering it drop by drop with its little beak, everyone can "do his part". It may not be enough, but it is certainly necessary. And it is, no doubt, a revolutionary responsibility.


Philippe VASSEUR

President, World Forum for a Responsible Economy


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