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RESPECO Institute has multiple goals : conduct studies and research to promote responsible economy, contribute to new economic models of development and facilitate the emergence of new methods of social organization.


Our Honorary Committee

Mrs Habiba Al MARASHI , President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network
Mrs Nathalie BASTIANELLI, Founder & CEO Belong and Partners
Mr Stefan CRETS, CSR Europe
Mr Michel DOUCIN, Former Ambassador for Corporate Social Responsibility of the CESE

Mr Jacques HUYBRECHTS, Founder of Entrepreneurs d'Avenir
Mr Bruno LECHEVIN, President ADEME
Mrs Nicole NOTAT, President VIGEO
Mr Antonio MELOTO, Founder, Gawad Kalinga
Pr Deon ROSSOUW, CEO, Ethics Institute of South Africa


Written contributions of the committee

- Les lanceurs d'alerte, bras armés de l'exigence croissante de transparence à l'égard des entreprises, by Michel Doucin

- Financer la transition énergétique, pour une économie plus responsable, by Bruno Lechevin



- 2015 : la croissance se réinvente ici

Rewatch the conference : part 1 - part 2

- 2016 : Livre blanc économie circulaire

Discover the initiative - English version


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