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Human resources track: redesigning the future of work

New ways of working, recruiting, and building loyalty, considering individuality to strengthen a collective, the quest for meaning and well-being at work: for several years now, the business world has been undergoing profound changes that are influencing the methods used by human resources professionals. The World Forum for a Responsible Economy offers a complete program to identify what work will look like in the future.

The conferences will provide a framework for sharing practices that encourage the development of individuals and will offer concrete actions, such as mentoring, via the Call&Care collective.

At 9:00 a.m., an inspiring Keynote will be held on the future of work. For work to be meaningful, companies today must reinvent their managerial practices. The keynote will provide an analysis of new management visions and how they translate into organizations.

The course will continue with a collective time around the questions of inclusion. How to encourage individuality and create an inclusive team? Co-constructed with the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), this workshop will offer various tools, including a kit for the inclusion of LGBT+ people at work. This kit presents the challenges that organizations face to be fully inclusive towards LGBT+ people and highlights different opportunities that arise from it.

The afternoon will be marked by the ceremony of the Laureates of Diversity. Companies, associations, institutions: many are committed to inclusion and diversity in the Hauts-de-France region. Organized by Réseau Alliances and the Réseau d'Échanges, which brings together 80 associations working for equal opportunities in the field of employment, the ceremony will reward committed organizations that have deployed a concrete and innovative action in terms of inclusion or diversity management, in 2020 and 2021. This ceremony will highlight good practices that can be replicated in companies.

Finally, a last exchange and interaction time will bring solutions to all companies wishing to make a sustainable commitment to the territory, but not knowing where to start. Sponsorship of skills, can be a lever to be used. A group of experts on these issues, Call&Care is a gateway for all those wishing to invest in vulnerable youth. During this edition of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy, Call&Care will launch its first inter-company sports and solidarity challenge to help associations selected by the Call&Care collective that support vulnerable young people who have dropped out of school. The program will include a presentation of the situation and the approach, testimonials from committed companies and a networking session.

By providing a program dedicated to human resources professionals, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy hopes to amplify new inclusive practices, spread throughout the country and provide concrete and collective answers to professionals in the sector.

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2021 Edition: Two passes available, full or digital

This year, two passes will be available for free: a full pass, allowing you to secure your place at the CCI Grand Lille and access exclusive content available only online, and a digital pass, allowing access to live, replays and online content.

In detail:

  • The full pass will allow access to the CCI Grand Lille and to be physically present at the event: opening night, closing night and tracks. This pass allows you to secure your seat. For the tracks available, you can access keynotes and workshops. Lunches are not free and require registration. The pass also gives access to the digital platform. Participants will be able to access exclusive and unpublished content: five mini-series will be offered, illustrating local, national and international success stories. Testimonials from partners and former key witnesses from previous editions will also be available. The platform will also offer replays of the evenings and Keynotes. Places are limited and subject to registration, remember to reregister.

  • The digital pass will give access to the online platform, where the mini-series and replays will be available. Visitors will be able to watch the evenings and Keynotes live, in streaming or in replay from anywhere. A networking space is also available online to encourage networking between local players. Lastly, the marketplace by rev3 illustrating innovative solutions will be available to e-visitors

These passes are available for free and require registration.

What to expect at this year's World Forum for a Responsible Economy


For this 15th edition, the World Forum will offer an original programme, online and in person. Objective: to give everyone the keys to be an agent in transforming our economy. Three days to open up, innovate, meet and thus be an agent of change.

Are we next? On 22, 23 and 24 November, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy will be held in Lille and online! In the shape of an open mic event, the opening will bring together, on the evening of 22 November, a panel of various stakeholders, which looks like our society: managers and business heads, citizens, artists, etc.. Everyone will share their vision, commitment, convictions. On 23 and 24 November, eight pathways will be on offer to visitors. Conceived around two approaches, sectoral and professional, they will cover the following themes: finance, transport, residential, agri-food and carbon for the former, leaders and CSR managers, communicators and human resource stakeholders for the latter. These pathways have been designed in a holistic way, to offer mutually complementary times: inspiring Keynote with a major witness, collaborative workshops to develop impact solutions and commit ourselves collectively, lunches and networking to expand our networks and create sustainable business opportunities. All the Keynotes will be available online, live or by streaming. Finally, the closing ceremony will reward the winners of the Responsible Economy Trophies in the presence of their various stakeholders.

The World Forum Inside

This is new for 2021: the World Forum Inside. To leverage its channels, the event will offer a part of its programme online. Original and exclusive content will be on offer: Unstoppable will give the floor to stakeholders in the field who, across the world, are committed and act at their levels to find solutions to our current issues. Head-to-head meetings between major witnesses from previous editions will also be on offer: they will react to their comments, made during the event. Evidence from our committed partners and stakeholders throughout France will also be on offer. Finally, the World Forum Inside will showcase the winners of the Responsible Economy Trophies: they will present their approaches and good practice within their organisations.

To Take Part in World Forum 2021

Two passes will be available: a full pass and an online pass. Registration will open on 1 October. The full pass will allow visitors to go to CCI Lille and attend all the pathways and the opening and closing evening events in person. It will also give access to the exclusive content hosted on the event's digital platform, the World Forum Inside. As for the online pass, it will allow access to watch the evening events and Keynotes, live or on demand, and to the exclusive content like Unstoppable, the head-to-heads and the testimony of our partners, friend networks and nominees of the Responsible Economy Trophies.


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2021 - A news edition for the World forum for a Responsible Economy

The fifteenth edition of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy will take place from November 22 to 24, 2021.

The first international event organized in France on this stakes, our Forum aspires to promote a responsible economy by promoting good practices and innovative approaches from around the world.

New perspectives, discovery of new more sustainable models, thanks to its themes, its contents, its speakers, its modes of animation and all the concrete examples that it offers to business leaders, the World Forum gives support and accelerates the take action. Under development, the program will offer many analyzes and expertises as well as concrete feedback!

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What We Remember About the 14th Edition of the World Forum for A Responsible Economy

Save the Last Chance: Now is the Time for Transformation!

An exceptional situation, an exceptional transformation; for its 14th edition, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy has re-invented itself to offer a 100% digital edition for the first time!
 No audience physically present for the year 2020, but a virtual platform giving access to more than 60 of the Forum's conferences. Our stakeholders and partners have also played the game and have joined us to present their conferences and promote verbal exchanges on the theme, "Save the Last Chance," and on the profound need to accelerate change!


© Maxime Dufour Photographiesies

The first day of the World Forum focused on the transformation of economic models and new modes of governance. B Corp. certification, a transition to the Economy of Functionality and Co-operation and the circular economy, short supply chains, local alliances; so many subjects which transform the economic landscape and its leaders as we head towards this more responsible economy.
The cherry on the first day cake? An opening plenary which allowed us, from a safe distance, to hand out the Responsible Economy Trophies 2020, under the benevolent and expert eye of the serial entrepreneur, Alexandre Mars.


Second day, second target: the World Forum took on the issue of transforming jobs in various career sectors: communication, finance, HR, design, craft workers, managers and sales people, transport workers, etc.. Personal accounts, feedback from experience and, above all, a lot of discussion!

Finally, the third and by no means least day put the spotlight on the collective and collaboration! On the programme? A major session of collaborative thinking: more than 100 participants online, four themes (energy renovation, the circular economy, health and regions, youth and business), one shared ambition to see new concrete and achievable projects in the Hauts-de-France area.

The gamble paid off for this original edition of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy!






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The World Forum in a few numbers:

4,000 + participants logged on,

200 + stakeholders expressed themselves,

60 + sessions organised,

150 + exhibitors in our rev3 virtual marketplace,

140 + B2B meetings took place.


Check out the contents of the edition:

- Recording of All Conferences
- 1 Mic - 6 Portraits
- The Forum in Pictures
- Journalists' Articles

 - Highlights, Including the Opening Plenary
- The International Sessions


To watch everything and watch it again, follow the link:

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Save the date - 2020 World Forum



As the first international event on the subject, our Forum aims to promote a responsible economy by highlighting good practices and innovative approaches from all over the world.
Gathering more than 5000 participants during 3 days, the 14th edition will take place on 13, 14 and 15 October, in Lille, throughout the Hauts-de-France region and online at

When the current events remind us that collective action is urgent 3 days to transform businesses


The crisis we are experiencing has profoundly shaken the economic world. From this hardship, a unique fact has emerged: the need to accelerate the change towards a more responsible economy in order to address social and environmental issues; in particular climate change.
This shift must involve a profound transformation of organizations, from the decision-maker to the employee in the exercise of his or her profession, by restoring the dynamism of the territory through the promotion of collaboration between organizations.


Day 1 - Business models and corporate governance methods
Day 2 - Adapting jobs to a sustainable economy
Day 3 - Boosting the economy by promoting cooperation within sectors and territories


Stay tuned for more information on the programming of this edition!


What to remember from this 13th edition of the World Forum

EGO IMPERIUM—I Have the Power to Change the World

This year, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy focused on the individual. With the theme Ego Imperium, we wanted to show that each of us must be able to exercise his or her power to change the world, wherever we are and whatever our role in society.

Changing the way you do business, reducing your environmental impact, consuming locally, working differently, moving differently, acting for you city, hiring differently... All these good corporate practices that we need to keep spreading to ensure a successful transition to the economy of tomorrow.

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The World Forum for a Responsible Economy, a catalyst for initiatives that enables everyone to make a positive contribution for sustainable transformation

During three days in Lille, France, we gave you the opportunity to share your professional or personal commitments and to discover the commitments of others through conferences, workshops and networking.

Watch the highlights of the World Forum 2019 to discover all the topics covered, interviews of the speakers and have a glimpse of the event’s atmosphere!



The World Forum in a few figures

3 days
+4,000 attendees
+200 speakers from 20 different countries
+80 sessions, 28 of which were led by our partners
+200 volunteers


36 public and private partners
16 international networks
45 national and regional organizations
...all involved in the creation of this 13th edition.


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Discover all the content of each edition

Thanks to the Collection, discover all the key messages delivered at the World Forum by the speakers along the years! The Collection gives you access to:


Watch all the conferences from all the editions.

World Forum Reporter

Read articles about the different sessions and interviews of the speakers written by student journalists in the “World Forum Reporter” section of our blog.


Have a glimpse of the World Forum’s atmosphere by going through our photo albums on Flickr.

Presentations of the speakers

Consult the speakers' presentation materials.


Check the reports for each session.


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The World Forum for a Responsible Economy returns in 2019 for a 13th edition!


An annual highlight of Réseau Alliances, the World Forum is an event created to stimulate business transformation. It gives new perspectives and allows to discover new more sustainable models, thanks to its themes, its contents, its speakers, its modes of animation and all the concrete examples that it offers to the heads of companies.

This year the event will focus on the theme "EGO IMPERIUM or how to give everyone the power to change the world".

A power everyone should be able to exercise, wherever they may be and whatever their place in society. Everyone has the power to change the world in a small way. But who is hiding behind the ego? Who can act to change the world? What individual actions can be taken for collective change? What agents constitute the lifeblood of change? What role is there for companies in leading the emerging change in society? What consequences are there for companies in the assertion of the individual? How to go beyond the limits of our power?

So many questions which lead to an observation. At the core of any change, there is a decisive factor: the human. The collective awareness of the environmental issues of the 21st century is today giving way to individual action to change the world. Customers have become consumer-actors, employees are committed to their companies, citizens are making their voices heard, the investor orientates his investments ethically. Similarly, the "contributive" company, driven by the vision of its leader, doesn't only want to limit its negative impacts but also contribute positively to change.

It is around these stakeholders, whom we have identified as the actors of tomorrow's change in society and at the heart of the company, that we invite you to enrich the debates of this 13th edition of the World Forum. will be held from 15 to 17 October 2019 in Lille.



The World Forum is a fantastic meeting that raised the issue of social business and now the region has declared they want to get involved. - Pr Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate


To read the full theme of this new edition click here

Jean-Pierre Letartre becomes President of Réseau Alliances

He succeeds Philippe Vasseur, who leaves Réseau Alliances after thirteen years as President.


Chair of Ernst & Young France CEO of Ernst & Young France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Maghreb, Francophone Africa & Chair of Réseau Alliances


Originally from Lille, Jean-Pierre Letartre is a graduate with a DEA in business law, accountant and external auditor. He joined Ernst & Young audit firm in 1985 before being appointed in 2008 as Chair and CEO of the group. He stimulated a new dynamic in the company by introducing new technologies into services offered and initiated a profound transformation of management methods.

Very much involved in promoting entrepreneurship in France, Jean-Pierre Letartre assumed the leadership of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (CJD) [Centre for Young Managers] of the North in 1989. In 1993, he established the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and in 1996 "The Entrepreneurs Academy," dedicated to exchanges between business leaders. In 1999, he published his first book entitled "What are you Waiting for to be an Entrepreneur?" before writing with the MEDEF in 2006, "The Ambition to Grow, in Entrepreneurs' Own Words." In 2007 he co-founded "Citizen Entrepreneurs" an association with global outreach which organises the entrepreneurs' G20 every year.



"Jean-Pierre Letartre is a Chevalier de l'Ordre National de la Légion d'Honneur. His insignia was presented to him in 2015 in the presence of Pierre Gattaz and Jean-Paul Delevoye. He has also been a member of Le Siècle think-tank since 2013"


Having been a member of the "Entrepreneurs, Enterprise and Society" committee of MEDEF for several years, he joined MEDEF's executive board in 2013 and led the "France 2020" project to outline the prospects for our economy. As head of a major international company, Jean-Pierre Letartre has always felt strongly about promoting a new vision of social responsibility and has implemented many measures in favour of the environment, diversity and gender equality.

His deep understanding of the entrepreneurial world, his social and regional commitment as Chair of the Committee of Greater Lille, offer Jean-Pierre Letartre a unique position from which to observe the economic activity of our region. It is, therefore, quite natural that he should succeed Philippe Vasseur, and in January 2019 he assumed the Chair of Réseau Alliances, the network for Entrepreneurs for Responsible Growth of the Hauts-de-France.

The Philippe Vasseur's Editorial


The "World Forum for a Responsible Economy" opens for the twelfth time. Over the past eleven years, regional issues have always been mentioned within the context of the major economic, ethical, social and environmental topics selected for each edition. So far, the regions had not been the core issue of our forum. Now it's done and this is the right time.

Certainly, the technological revolutions and specifically the new communication tools have led to a globalisation which sometimes have the planet believes that it could be a village. However, the planet has not become uniform and the new tools provided access to universality while strengthening local attachment.

"The world is now fragmenting," notes the CEO of Danone, Emmanuel Faber, who predicts that "the consumer will think ever more local". Part of our future relies on proximity and the emphasis on the use of local resources – all material and human resources – but also on collaborative practices which may develop in spaces where new economic models, new social organisations and new ways of living together are being invented. This evolution may be a source of risks and hopes as well. It can lead to new regional divides with disastrous consequences. This evolution could enable the development of connected ecosystems with due respect for local communities and in the best interests of the planet.

Everything is possible, as long as we are acting towards responsible economy, where we are, where we can and where we want. This is the challenge of regions and cities.

                                                                                           Philippe Vasseur