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Director's testimony :

André RENAUDIN, Chief Executive Officer of AG2R LA MONDIALE

« Providing for social welfare and wealth preservation with oversight by policyholder representatives, AG2R LA MONDIALE faces a noble challenge: protecting a wide range of individuals throughout their lives, by creating a risk pool that is both technically efficient and socially fair. »

With 27,8 billion euros collected in 2015, 15 million policyholders and beneficiaries, 1 of every 4 French companies with a group plan and 11,000 employees, AG2R LA MONDIALE is France’s leading corporate pension and insurance coverage provider. The Group handles all policyholder needs relative to personal and asset protection at all stages of life. It offers both individualized and group solutions in the areas of insurance, health and savings as well as pension schemes, including supplemental plans, regardless of age, social status or sector of activity.

The CSR mandate is a fundamental and natural part of the corporate culture for AG2R LA MONDIALE, which given its business of insuring individuals and its mutual, shared form of governance reconciles technical expertise with covering commitments in order to better serve its members. This societal responsibility is manifested first and foremost in completing its professional missions, i.e. overseeing and protecting pension investments and spreading risks; moreover, it inspires a determined decision-making strategy in favor of human resources and labor negotiations, supplier and subcontractor relations, solidarity-driven commitments and sponsorship actions. In addition, the Group makes special efforts to mitigate the impacts of its activities on both society and the environment.




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