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Photo Métais EDHEC 2017

Director's testimony:

EMMANUEL MÉTAIS, Dean, EDHEC Business School


« Created in 1906 by and for entrepreneurs, EDHEC is a business school which is at the service of business. Being a responsible actor means for us to develop and to disseminate analyses and innovative business ideas which can be useful to companies, to economy and, as a whole, to society. »



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— For EDHEC Business School, acting responsibly signifies being useful to society by delivering high impact . MORE PRECISELY, EDHEC’S ENGAGEMENT TO ACT RESPONSIBLY MEANS:

• A practical and useful research. As an exemple, producing and spreading smart beta indices, created thanks to the research by EDHEC Risk Institute. Its main clients include top academic bodies such as Princeton University or Yale School of Management.

• Practical, directly useful to businesses and creating value, EDHEC research guides the largest institutions and companies in understanding global business – EDHEC Infrastructure Institute for long-term infrastructure, is a prime example.

• During the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, EDHEC SmartBeta launched ERI Scientific Beta Low Carbon Multi-Beta Multi- Strategy Indexes, a series of low carbon smart beta indices. The indices seek to reduce the carbon footprint of equity investments by as much as 75% while simultaneously being able to create more additional value in the medium term.

• Creating training programmes suited to the expectations of businesses that need responsible managers capable of managing complexity and anticipating change in the business world.

• Encouraging access to higher education for the largest number of people.

• Developing responsible campuses. EDHEC has always been a pioneer in encouraging student association activities on the School’s campuses. This approach engenders a plentiful array of initiatives in the fields of CSR (projects supporting schoolchildren in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, etc.) and the environment (around-the-world projects designed to identify and share best practices).


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