Director's testimony:

Arnaud LEROY, President of ADEME


Global warming is a reality and we must do all we can to contain its acceleration and prepare our territories and our economies to adapt to it. This challenge is colossal and calls for a coordinated response between all of society’s stakeholders: public authorities, entrepreneurs, scientists, citizens…our entire development model along with our production and consumption methods must be aligned around the same objective: to preserve resources and to reduce our ecological footprint. 


Sustainable economy is intimately related to this necessary environmental and energy transition of our society. Many companies have been able to initiate this shift by implementing new steps to produce differently and propose offers which are more sustainable for the planet and for people. Very often these corporate strategies emerge and are fostered by dynamics which are backed by territories that are involved in the energy and ecological transition, just as they contribute as local stakeholders. 

Backed by its teams which are spread throughout the national territory, the ADEME supports, federates and catalyzes all the energies of those who are engaged in ambitious efforts in terms of energy, climate and the circular economy and who are building this new model, a vector of economic development and local jobs. 

The environmental and energy transition is a great project which has created bridges between the economic world and the territories. As such, I am particularly pleased that the ADEME is participating in this 12th edition of the World Forum for Sustainable Economy on this  inspiring theme of the «territories’ challenge».