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Tomorrow begins today. Each of us, consum-actors, users, employees, citizens, investors are stakeholders in change, as individually we have a part of the solution. But that is not enough. We must now all move forward together, users, countries and companies, to rethink production and consumption so we can protect life on the planet and thus contribute to the public interest. To succeed, we have to bring about a convergence of technologies and behaviour. I am convinced today that the development of behaviour is key to influencing technologies and thus lead to a more sustainable and responsible world.

Gilles Vermot Desroches, Sustainable Development Director, Schneider Electric

"We believe that access to energy and the digital world is a fundamental human right. In a rapidly changing environment, we face a major change with energy transition and the industrial revolution, stimulated by accelerating digitisation at the core of a more electrical world. This is the first time we can all contribute to a radical transformation as regards efficiency and reconcile the two elements of the paradox which has emerged between progress for all and a sustainable future for the planet. At Schneider Electric, we deliver energy and digital solutions to meet requirements with regard to efficiency and sustainable development.

To be really sustainable, these transitions must also be fair. The scope of sustainable development is so broad that, beyond decarbonisation and environmental action, we have a list of objectives in the fields of health, fairness, diversity and inclusion, and human rights. Within our Group, we all share the same values and the same vision of our identity, actions and procedures. It is our responsibility to do our best to innovate and encourage all our staff to have a positive impact.

We are convinced that companies can improve the lives of everyone in the world. We have set ourselves tangible and ambitious objectives for almost 15 years, which we measure using our Schneider Sustainability Impact. On a quarterly basis, we evaluate our results to see how far they have been achieved. Our objectives have been aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs), as well as the five key challenges for sustainable development: climate, the circular economy, health and fairness, as well as ethics and development. This report presents the way in which we will implement our commitments up to 2020, 2030 and thereafter.

We promise future generations that we "will be part of the solution" by implementing measures from now on to take part in creating a better future for everyone and everywhere in the world.

Many examples can illustrate the ambition and commitment of the Group as regards Company Social Responsibility. One of the most recent examples is Schneider Electric's investment in the SQUAD EMPLOI scheme. At the initiative of Antoine Chartes, our Regional Director, four female and four male Schneider Electric employees will be able to support eight young people seeking jobs. This initiative fits perfectly with the Group's desire to revitalise the regions at a local level, close to its customers.

Antoine Chartres, Regional Director, Schneider Electric said, "Company Social Responsibility is a subject which nowadays is central to our discussions both internally and with stakeholders outside the company. To stimulate our vision of CSR, to best meet the expectations of the different stakeholders and further reinforce our regional footprint, we approached the Alliances network to launch with our Regional Management, Hauts‑de‑France, a project to support young people seeking jobs. This action is in addition to the many initiatives and involvements of Schneider Electric in this field in France ("100 Chances 100 Emplois," "Institut Télémaque," etc.). This proposal quickly attracted eight volunteers who are delighted to be involved. The initiative will be implemented in the next few days with the launch of the first SQUAD on Friday, 11 October 2019. "