Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe



Photo Eric Charpentier CMNE 2016 redymensionnée


Director's testimony:

Eric CHARPENTIER, Managing Director of the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe


« CMNE is committed to the local economic development. Our co-operative bank builds on its values to accompany the emergence of new models and to finance the projects of its territories. »




Established in the north of Paris and Belgium, CMNE works every day to reconcile economic performance and CSR, according to 4 axes:
- Governance, to remain a cooperative bank that associates administrators and employees;
- Social, promote equal opportunities, the culture of innovation, training, mobility and employee commitment;
- Environmental, to evolve its practices (energies, buildings);
- Societal, to serve the development of its territories (SRI, microcredit, corporate foundation).




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