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Director's testimony :

Christophe BONDUELLE, Chairman 

« The Bonduelle Group has always paid special attention to the land areas it works with, which are also often the agricultural basins that are essential to the continuity of its business. »






Bonduelle is a family business. Its ambition is “to be the world reference in «well-living» through vegetable products”. Its vegetables, grown across more than 128,000 hectares, are sold in 100 countries. The Bonduelle’s CSR policy focuses on 5 macro-objectives at maturity 2025:
- Caring, with our agricultural partners, for cultivated land
- Reducing environmental impacts from field to plate
- Encouraging people to eat healthily and sustainably, and increasing affordability
- Ensuring the “well-living” of employees and local communities
- All employees taking part to the CSR strategy


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