Entreprises et Cités






Testimony of:

OLIVIER PAGEZY, Managing Director

 «  In 2016, Entreprises et Cités became an endowment fund with the aim of guaranteeing its long-term existence, developing its assets and raising its profile with a unifying strategy: the common good of the region. »



This innovative example of philanthropy, the Entreprises et Cités Endowment Fund, one of the founders of Réseau Alliances, is a form of sponsorship for the common good. Creator of solutions Entreprises et Cités, situated at the heart of the greater Lille area, is a major player in the transition of the region, its businesses and its economy. Creator of networks Entreprises et Cités helps entrepreneurs to innovate and stay competitive by connecting them with the relevant expertise. 

Since 1936, Entreprises et Cités has supported and worked alongside the regions’ entrepreneurs and their teams: the creators, the makers and the risktakers!