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Testimony of :

Marie-Claire CAPOBIANCO,  Director of French Networks, Member of the BNP Paribas Executive Committee


« I am convinced that a bank can only succeed if it displays strong social and environmental commitments. Thus, since 2014, BNP Paribas has deployed a dedicated device to support Social entrepreneurship in France and is committed to putting financial innovation at the service of societal needs. »



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— BNP Paribas, a European bank with an international reputation, is present in 74 countries and has more than 192,000 employees, including 146,000 in Europe. An integrated and diversified bank model, the Group holds key positions in its three areas of activity: Domestic Markets, International Financial Services, and Corporate & Institutional Banking. Convinced that its development can only take place within the framework of a policy of ambitious social and environmental responsibility, BNP Paribas is determined to have a positive impact on its stakeholders and on society as a whole.

To strengthen this ambition, BNP Paribas created on September 1st, 2017, a Directorate of Corporate Engagement which will be directly represented on the Group's Executive Committee. This new direction will continue and strengthen the essential actions for the future of our society: economic development, environment and energy transition, social inclusion, not forgetting the employees who play an active role in this dynamic engagement.


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Director's testimony:

Jean-Bernard LÉVY, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

« In today's energy transition context, EDF intends to come in first place for low-carbon growth and to win praise as an efficient and responsible electrical utility. The Group's strategic planning project, entitled "Cap
2030", has set the goal of doubling EDF's renewable energy capacity over the next 15 years. »



Corporate Responsibility lies at the heart of EDF Group strategy. It drives the way the company interacts with its internal and external stakeholders. Along these lines, six Corporate Responsibility Objectives have been defined, underscoring the Group's willingness to make lasting commitments to these priorities.

1) EDF has set a goal of surpassing requirements for meeting the 2°C target established in the Paris Climate Agreement by substantially reducing its CO2 emissions, which are already quite low.
2) EDF agrees to incorporate best practices from the world of industry as regards human development issues: health/ safety, gender diversity, and hiring through internal promotion.
3) EDF agrees to provide all vulnerable population segments with solutions to guide them in optimizing energy consumption and exercising their due rights.
4) EDF agrees to innovate through digital applications that target energy efficiency, thus allowing every customer to consume more wisely.
5) EDF agrees to systematically organize, for new projects proposed anywhere in the world, a process of dialogue that's both transparent and open to competing opinions.

6) EDF agrees to adopt a positive approach towards biodiversity that's not merely limited to mitigating the impacts of its activities.


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AG2R La Mondiale


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Director's testimony :

André RENAUDIN, Chief Executive Officer of AG2R LA MONDIALE


« Providing for social welfare and wealth preservation with oversight by policyholder representatives, AG2R LA MONDIALE faces a noble challenge: protecting a wide range of individuals throughout their lives, by creating a risk pool that is both technically efficient and socially fair. »





— With 29,1 billion euros collected in 2017, 15 million policyholders and beneficiaries, 1 of every 4 French companies with a group plan and 10 616 employees, AG2R LA MONDIALE is France’s leading mandatory occupational pension schemes and insurance coverage provider. The Group handles all policyholder needs relative to personal and asset protection at all stages of life. It offers both individualized and group solutions in the areas of insurance, health and savings as well as pension schemes, including supplemental plans, regardless of age, social status or sector of activity. 

CSR is an integral part of the AG2R LA MONDIALE culture, which, through its job as a social protection insurer and its joint and mutual governance, reconciles technical expertise and secures its commitments to provide the best social service to the insured and retired. This social responsibility is expressed first in the practice of the profession, but also in solidarity and patronage commitments, taking into account territories, investment policy (financial and real estate), awareness-raising and mobilization of employees. Naturally, the Group is concerned about the impact of its activities on society and the environment.


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