Contributor Book 2018


The book in your hands is a collection of articles written by a team of avant-garde business professionals. Thanks to their participation and reflections on their practices, we are moving forward on the SUPER LOCAL economy! All these articles are made available to the general public under a CC by NC-SA license. 

Contributors : Alfonso S. UZÁBAL - Spain ; Raúl OLIVÁN - Spain; Stefano BERNARDI - Italy; Toby BARAZZUOL - Canada; Hawa ADINANI - Tanzania; Grant PEISLEY - Wales; Richard EDWARDS - Wales Jakob TRAVNIK - Slovenia; Vivian WOODELL - UK 


Interviews by Habib Belaribi and Romain Chanut - Social Media Squad.
Selected articles and interviews translated from English and from Spanish, following an analysis of the online public conversations around the Super Local topic. 


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We are inviting 8 interviewees to be part of the 2018 Contributors Book



For 12 years, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy has been the annual rendez-vous to share about the responsible economy initiatives in Lille, France. It now gathers 2,000+ participants (companies, students, public sector) from France, as well as speakers from around the globe.

It will take place during 3 days from the 16th to the 18th of October 2018, and Jeremy Rifkins will be our **SPECIAL GUEST**  for this edition.

A "SUPER LOCAL" edition to demonstrate through concrete testimonials & case studies in action how businesses and territories are shaping the new world order.


5 key questions will feed the conferences, panels, discussions, and workshops:

  • Why do companies need to combine a global and local approach?

  • What is the role and impact of companies on their local environment?

  • How can multinationals contribute to regions and cities?

  • How does the rise of a responsible territorial economy create opportunities for businesses?

  • How to ensure cooperation between territories often in competition?

Mediterranean commerce from a Venitian perspective in the 13th century - Source


At the World Forum for a Responsible Economy, we have contracted Romain Chanut & Habib Belaribi from Social Media Squad a transnational co-op network of consultants that leverages social media conversations to connect citizens who don't know each other cross-countries around the "responsible economy" topic.

  • Why are we inviting you ?

To bring more diversity to our event with international point of views.

We ask for 2 hours of your time to share your experience and opinion about how you are working for your initiative to positively impact the citizens of your territory.

  • Why is Social Media Squad collaborating with us and want to connect with you ?

We have contracted Romain & Habib from Social Media Squad :

- To listen to online conversations on the social media and  identify 8 global online contributors they would like to invite to share their experience and vision with the participants to the event

- To invite those 8 contributors in order to edit a special Contributors Book with a public domain license will be translated in French, edited and shared with 200 engaged attendees to the event's workshops. As an example, you can download here the 2017 Contributors Book we co-created last year with 8 interviewees from Canada, Spain, Latvia, Germany, Chile and France

- To coach a team of students who become amateur Live Reporters  during the event. Social Media Squad will also be in charge of our social media accounts on 16-18 Octobre.

  • Why do we think it can be interesting for you ?

You can benefit from our platform to speak out about your vision and projects to the World Forum attendees & online community (companies, students, public sector) in Lille, France.

The City of Venitia during the Middle-Ages



livret des contributions



Your contribution

What we do for you

Remote participation to the forum: 1-to-1 written interview  (estimated time for you: about 2 hours) and translation in French by Romain or Habib.Optional: Participation to a Live tweet on the D Days (16-18 October 2018)        Printing of the interview and all 8 written contributions  in 200 "Contributor Books" (with a public domain license), hand over to engaged participants to the workshops during the event on 16-18 October 2018.Interview will be spread across Réseau Alliance online media during and right after the Forum:
  • Website (monthly traffic : 15 000 views)
  • Post on social media channels (@worldforumeco , facebook , linkedin)
  • Mailing (7,100 qualified subscribers with 20% aperture rate in average)


Let’s discuss how your project and vision can resonate during the WFRE 2018!




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Call for Global Contributors to Responsible Revolution

Who are we?

The World Forum for a Responsible Economy (WFRE) is an annual event that gathers 6,000 economic and business leaders,citizens, entrepreneurs, students…from all over the world to advocate for a responsible and sustainable economy and impulse concrete changes within our territory through conferences and workshops.

This event is organized by “Réseau Alliances”, the largest CSR best practice platform (please visit: in France.


This year we will celebrate our 11th edition and we are planning our event on 17-19 October, 2017 in the city of Lille, capital of North of France. 


Look back on the bioeconomy thematic days

Tuesday, June 20th, in Arras and Wednesday, June 21st, in Amiens, we invited you to discover why bioeconomy truly is a necessary and unavoidable revolution.

Through the lenses of agro-resources and food, our french and international speakers came to share their experiences and present their best practices in order to answer the question "Bioeconomy, a solution of today to the problems of tomorrow?".



THEMATIC DAYS: Bioeconomy, a solution of today to the problems of tomorrow?


On June, 20th in Arras and on June 21st, 2017 in Amiens, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy offers two days of international conferences on the bioeconomy.

Through the lenses of agro-resources and food, we will explore how economic sectors and territories can seize the opportunities presented by bioeconomy.

Which biomass for which uses? How can we meet human needs while sustainably managing our resources? Which innovations are needed to ensure the competitiveness of bio-based products and materials and how can they be stimulated?


Bioeconomy, a solution of today solution for the problems of tomorrow?

By placing the use of biomass at the heart of economic activities, bioeconomy tries to meet human needs (energy, materials, food, chemicals, etc.) while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and our impact on the environment.



The 11th World Forum for a Responsible Economy will take place in Lille on 17, 18 and 19 October 2017. Discover the concept note 2017