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Thiery Pagès ENEDIS WFRE



Testimony of:

THIERRY PAGÈS, Enedis Regional Director

« There is no ‘diagonal of emptiness’ with regard to electrification. Our business model is a strong vehicle for social and regional cohesion and regional planning."




Enedis is a public service company which operates the electricity distribution network, employing 38,000 people. At the service of 35 million customers, it develops, operates and modernises 1.4 million kilometres of low- and medium-voltage electricity network (220 and 20,000 volts) and manages associated data. Enedis connects customers to the network, performs 24 x 7 repairs, meter readings and all technical operations. It is independent of energy suppliers who are responsible for selling and managing the electricity supply contract.

The public service of electricity distribution is the basis of our activities. We pursue this mission by carrying out our role as an environmental and socially responsible business to the full. While distributing electricity to the best price standards in Europe, Enedis strives to reduce its environmental footprint and make its practices more responsible. Humanity has always been at the centre our company's policies: it is an important foundation which Enedis is committed to value and promote, particularly in the context of the company agreement on socially responsible sub-contracting.

Build the Network of Tomorrow for Everyone, Resilient to Climate Change

Living in an environment means anticipating its changes. Enedis is renewing its facilities, taking climate change into account. The company is putting in place more resilient equipment and is investing in smart grids to increase the safety, efficiency and sustainability of electrical networks for everyone.

Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Networks

The Energy Transition Law for Green Growth sets targets for greenhouse gas reduction of 40% between 1990 and 2030 and their division by four by 2050. For its part, Enedis is reducing its carbon footprint by improving the performance of facilities and reducing the energy consumption of its buildings and vehicles.

Act as an Exemplary Employer

Committing ourselves to sustainable development also means protecting the health and safety of employees, service-providers and the public close to the network. Enedis also implements a policy which promotes diversity among its employees.



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