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Director's testimony:

EDOUARD SAUVAGE, Managing Director of GRDF

« The ambition of GRDF for the territories is that they take on the challenge of the transition to biomethane, a green, local energy that creates shared value. »





"Main operator of the natural gas distribution network in France, our mission is to distribute natural gas - and, more and more, renewable green gas - to 11 million customers in France. To do so, we develop, operate and maintain the largest distribution network in Europe by ensuring the safety of people and property as well as the quality of distribution.

We believe that the distribution network, property of local authorities, will tomorrow play an increased role in energy transition. We anticipate, and several studies confirm, that our current gas can be gradually replaced by renewable gas (until we reach 100% of the gas consumed by 2050), providing services to the environment and being a creator of value for the regions. Nowadays, mainly used to distribute gas in urban areas, the network is increasingly used to collect and inject green gas deposits; and from 2030 it could provide a competitive storage solution for intermittent electricity via Power-to-Gas, or even offer an alternative for transporting hydrogen.

We are also convinced of the importance of our commitments to CSR (Company Social Responsibility) which feeds the credibility of our discourse. Our exemplary nature in every sector is decisive. We are mobilising on 3 focuses, each including 3 commitments. These commitments are at the heart of our public service mission and consistent with our values and culture. CSR is everybody's business! Every member of staff can contribute by their actions to the challenges of sustainable development:

• Focus 1: Transform the core of our business to contribute to energy transition and carbon neutrality objectives.

We are committed to supporting customers in energy efficiency, by contributing to anchoring a sustainable model of green gas development, i.e. guaranteeing positive environmental, social and economic benefits for the regions; and also improving air quality and sustainable mobility by developing natural gas for vehicles (NGV) and BioNGV.

• Focus 2: mobilising the commitment of employees to make us more of an environmental and social example.

We are committed to ensuring safety for everyone, to reduce our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts by implementing tangible action plans on the network, travel, vehicles, buildings, waste.

• Focus 3: relying on our regional presence and local anchorage of our activities to participate in creating value in the regions.

We are committed to being a company open to the regions, which acts in favour of diversity and procures responsibly, contributing to the local environment and employment; as well as supporting local ecological transition and solidarity projects for innovation.

Our ambition meets the sustainable development objectives (SDOs). Adopted at the UN in 2015, the sustainable development objectives (SDOs) constitute a universal benchmark framework to meet the global challenges we face, particularly those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity. They establish a global project and today inspire states, many companies and regions to move to action. As the main operator of the gas distribution network in France and by our commitments, we support all SDOs and make a direct contribution to nine of them. "




















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