It's an obvious fact confirmed every day: the world is experiencing an accelerated revolution which is upsetting our economic models, modes of production, distribution systems, working careers, consumer practices, social behaviour, etc.

In short, everything is changing and everything is moving very quickly.

Rev3 is an innovative approach, launched a few years ago as part of the "World Forum for a Responsible Economy." It brings together in the Hauts-de-France political, economic, academic, social and voluntary sector stakeholders, to bring to fruition a triple revolution: a technological revolution, a resource revolution and an environmental revolution. What is at stake is the coming of a new economic model for a connected and sustainable region.

We are on the right lines. Many initiatives and achievements show that ( and already make the Hauts-de-France a pilot region.

Now, we can attain a new milestone together. Everyone can contribute to Rev3, whatever their situation, occupation, role etc.

What are you waiting for to take part? You have the power to change the world in the Hauts-de-France, exercise it: there is no such thing as a great or small commitment, there is, above all, a common will we want to share with you.

So, make a move: and join the community of the "rev3committed," for the 3 days of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy 2019.







Philippe Vasseur

Honorary Chair of the WFRE

Chair of the Rev3 Mission

© Antoine Repessé