Moderator Thierry TENE

The Africa CSR (ARSE) is an expert consultancy specializing in sustainable economics in Africa. It supports public and private actors in their strategies for social responsibility and socially responsible investment (SRI). Thierry Tene is the director.


Thierry TENE is expert in Bilan Carbone®, Green Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He is Associate and Director of the Africa CSR (ARSE).

With a master’s degree in Eco-design, and having followed six professional trainings, Thierry develops full service offerings to accompany public and private players in the implementation of a sustainable economic policy.

He also leads conferences on green growth, CSR and green business in Africa, Europe and Canada.

Afrique RSE


The CSR Africa is a consultancy firm specializing in sustainable economy in Africa. It assists public and private actors in their strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

It provides the following services:

  • Training on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Economy
  • CSR audit and carbon footprint
  • Assistance to public and private players in the deployment of their sustainable economic strategy
  • State assistance in the development of public CSR policies