Speaker Frank KRIKHAAR


As the Global Corporate Responsibility Manager at Aegis Media, Frank Krikhaar is responsible for developing, launching and implementing its sustainability programme, Future Proof. Future Proof has become the most pioneering and ambitious sustainability approach in the advertising and media industry because it seeks to make Aegis Media a more responsible company, to inspire positive action by all its stakeholders, and to support the corporate mission of re-inventing the way brands are built. Since its launch in 2010, Frank has ensured Aegis Media stays on track to achieve its 2015 commitments around environmental, community and economic commitments whilst leading the debate in the industry.

With a background in corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions, Frank has worked in the advertising and media industry his entire life after graduating from Cambridge University. In the last 5 years he worked for Aegis Media, one of the world's largest digital and media communications groups, where he conceived, launched and runs the sustainability strategy Future Proof on a day-by-day basis. True to his company's mission of re-inventing the way brands are built, he is re-inventing sustainability in the media industry with a novel delivery model focusing on leveraging digital technologies to create positive change.

Outside of work, Frank has been the Chair of the Governing Body of Bond Primary School in south-west London for the past 7 years. He is a Young Patron of the Whitechapel Gallery and the English National Opera, and is passionate about modernist architecture and classical civilization. He lives in London and chocolate is his one weakness.

Office :
Global Corporate Responsibility Manager
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United Kingdom