Speaker Magnus KUSCHEL


Magnus Kuschel (PhD) is the managing director for the Volvo initiative of Commute Greener! Magnus has

extensive experience in leading global business development activities with innovation and sustainable

transport solutions as a speciality.

Magnus has a PhD from the IT-University (University of Gothenburg and Chalmers) in Sweden and have

research contributions appearing in books and journals like the European Journal of Information Systems,

Journal of Business Logistics as well as at several distinguished international conferences.

Magnus is an appreciated Key Note speaker appearing at numerous occasions and multi-cultural business

events, for example at B4E also with Al Gore.

Magnus is passionate about processes and projects that involve innovation, partnerships, openess, advanced

IS/IT usage with focus on delivering sustainable value in development and implementation.

Recommended reading: www.CommuteGreener.com http://youtu.be/WUIpvwhI5N0

Office :
Managing Director
Organization :
Commute Greener! Volvo IT Innovation Centre
Country :