Moderator Michel SALOFF - COSTE


Consultant, teacher and researcher, Michel Saloff-Coste makes us discover the technological, economic, social and environmental related to the transition of the "Industrial Society" to "Information Society" issues. He has sought to better understand major transformation vectors that are changing our civilization in the context of sustainable development. How individuals, businesses, states, and the world can they be linked together in a harmonious and sustainable future?
In this context, he facilitates forecasting and strategic approach to large public and private organizations as well as companies of intermediate size and start-ups. Between 2010 and 2013, he hosted a prospective circle on the future of energy in the context of the Tuck Foundation. Since 2011 he was appointed Director of Research and International Development of In Principo, a consulting vanguard in the field of collaborative management.
Since 2012, he has served as President of "Design me a planet" an open innovation platform whose aim is to create tailored solutions to current global challenges, and since 2013, he became partner in charge of international development for the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and as September 2014 he became partner of the Catholic University of Lille, as Director of the institute of International prospective innovative ecosystems.
Moreover Michel Saloff Coste pursues since 1970 a multimedia artistic career that has resulted in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad.

Office :
International Developement Associate
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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
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Conference moderator