Speaker Sheila SURGEY


Sheila Surgey is an advisor to Hollard Insurance, the largest privately owned Life and General Insurance company in South Africa. Hollard was started in 1980 and now has operations in 10 countries including China, India, Australia and the UK.

Sheila has been a member of the Hollard Executive team for 10 years and is now an advisor for a systemic organisational change initiative in which Hollard is refocussing the business to “catalyse positive and enduring change through the business that we do (insurance) and the way we do business (our culture)”. Through a collaborative, emergent process the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Hollard has been defined to ensure a sustainable future. The conceptual roadmap is now being brought to life through a comprehensive redesign of all key processes including strategy, product and channel development, reward and remuneration, performance management, leadership development, recruitment, onboarding, internal culture and communication, external brand messaging , creating work spaces to support the culture etc. Hollard is measuring progress through a set of metrics that track growth in social, human and natural capital alongside financial returns. The transformational journey continues with many insights and lessons to share.

Outside of Hollard, Sheila is a trustee of the Africa Foundation which operates in 6 countries in Africa focussing on rural development and conservation.

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South Africa