Speaker Hervé RYCHTARIK


Planair was created in 1985 with the desire to contribute to sustainable development. Its employees develop and implement innovative solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection?On behalf of the Federal Office of Energy, Planar is in charge of the regional secretariat of the Company Romand to 2000 Watts .?The 2000 Watt Society, is a concept which reflects the desire to build a fairer and sustainable society. Every person on Earth is entitled to the same amount of energy.?At the global level , every human being has about 2000 watts of primary energy available in the long term. CO2 emissions related to the consumption should not exceed 1 ton per year, otherwise radical climate change will occur.?These 2000 watts are enough to keep a comfortable living environment, provided you have an intelligent energy supply and act with self- consciousness. One could say that the sustainability of the Earth depends on the formula : "2000 watts per person."

Office :
Councillor in energy planning politics
Organization :
PLANAIR, 2000 watts company
Country :