Speaker Christian TOENNESEN


Christian is a Senior Partner with the management consultancy Carnstone Partners LLP. In this capacity, he manages the activities of the Media CSR Forum, a pioneering platform for media companies to engage meaningfully with stakeholders. The Forum brings together 20 large media companies and has sister fora in France and the Nordic countries.

In addition to his work with the media sector, Christian advises large, listed companies and international organisations on meeting the strategic challenges posed by resource scarcity and increased societal expectations.

A Danish national, Christian holds a DPhil from Oxford University.

Discover Christian Toennesen's interview at the World Forum Lille 2013 :

World Forum Lille 2013 : Christian TOENNESEN par WorldForumLilleTV


Does it Matter? An analysis of sustainability issues in the media sector: http://mediacsrforum.org/_media/documents/doesItMatter.pdf

Mirrors or Movers? Framing the debate about the impact of media content: http://mirrorsormovers.com/

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Senior Partner
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United Kingdom