Speaker Marjo KYLLÖNEN

Marjo Kyllönen leads the world's best education system: Finland


Over the last decade, the Finnish education system has been one of the most recognized in the world (present in the top 10 PISA rankings since its creation). Marjo Kyllönen, Director of Education of the City of Helsinki, is responsible for many educational issues such as multiculturalism, curriculum, student well-being or evaluation. She is also a senior expert in the EDAFIN organization, which works on the future of basic education and is a member of national committees on expert topics.


#WFRE17 reporter : Marjo Kyllönen : Education : a promoter of social cohesion and well-being - by Justine Moynat & Lorraine Desforges

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Office :
Head of Development Service Unit
Organization :
Helsinki's General Education division
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