Speaker Camille MELOTO


Even at a young age, Camille was always ahead of the mainstream, spotting trends and exploring interests in arts, products, music and culture even before they explode into the next big thing. She was also active in Gawad Kalinga having signed up as a volunteer for partner services while she was still in college. She joined Body Shop Philippines straight out of college believing that it was the ideal company that shared some of her values because of its branding “beauty with a purpose”.  

Her creative inclinations were still waiting to be fulfilled, however, and in the fall of 2007, Camille and her sister Anna came up with an idea to start Human Nature, a social enterprise marketing natural products with locally-sourced raw materials.  The idea sprung from their desire to help provide employment opportunities for the poor in the city and to provide better quality of life for farmers by introducing and sourcing high value raw materials. In just seven years, Camille has played a critical role in growing the company to now employ over 350 people with a network of 50,000 dealers. They have also partnered with 20 farming communities all over the Philippines who supply Human Nature with raw materials or finished goods that benefit hundreds of families.

Soon after the establishment of Human Nature, Camille assumed the role of head of sales in charge of a team of telesales representatives and interfacing with clients over Human Nature’s various sales channels. She then moved on to the role of head of research and development where she formulated and launched ground-breaking products such as our mineral make-up line and our Human Nature Overnight Elixir working with very strict natural guidelines and local sourcing policies. After establishing the Research and Development department, she then took on the role of Creative Director in charge of the over-all branding, packaging and communications material development for the whole company. She continues to fulfill that role to this day leading a team of market researchers, in house designers, copywriters and packaging specialists. Camille’s contributions have catapulted Human Nature into one of the leading social enterprises in the country that has managed to scale and enter the mainstream. 

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Creative Director & Co-founder
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Human Nature
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