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Farm to Neighbors is a community of local people in Beijing who are passionate about making nourishing food, supporting sustainable agriculture and continuing handmade traditions. Together, they strive to create a local movement that educates the public about sustainable eating and builds trust between consumers and producers in Beijing and throughout China.

Farm to Neighbors' founder, Erica Huang, was born in Taiwan and raised in the U.S. After moving to Beijing for work, she developed severe skin issues and on a quest for clean eating in China, she started Farm to Neighbors, a mini-farmers’ market, in July 2014 in a friend’s hutong bar. The first market featured an organic vegetable farm, a pasture-raised pig and chicken farm, a cheese maker, a Tibetan yak yogurt maker and a handmade rice wine maker. Slowly, the market gained support and many more hand-selected, local vendors began to join.

Now, Farm to Neighbors farmers’ market has become the go-to place to discover quality food and ingredients and local handcraft talents in Beijing. Their weekly market takes place on Saturday & Sunday at The Grand Summit in Liangmaqiao, and features more than 45 local vendors.

Erica Huang is also the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution ambassador in Beijing – a volunteer for the worldwide movement to educate and empower children and adults with the knowledge of food, nutrition, cooking and ethical buying. So Farm to Neighbors is not only a marketplace but also a community center, presenting regular workshops, talks and events to engage the public.


Interview : Erica Huang

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