100% green or how we can integrate sustainability in every sector of business.

100 % green - atitle that reminds us that to adress the changing context - energy crisis, resource depletion and the emergence of chronic toxicities - and to exist tomorrow, companies must transform themselves in depth.

The stakes are high: adapt products, services and processes to new customer expectations, to a new environmental and regulatory context. The rules of the game remain unchanged: creating economic value to settle the going concern of the company. Eco-design, innovation, creation of new business models and the support to change are the levers that enable companies to make this change. 

This workshop has sought to provide answer by presenting successful business that have integrated these concerns at the heart of their strategy, and systematically in all functions of their organization.

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Edition 2008
TooltipFormat Creative Lab
From 09h30 to 10h00
Lille – Lille - Nouveau Siècle
Créer ou reconvertir l’entreprise dans une logique responsable