9A - East-West: CSR in countries at the crossroads of Asia and Europe

This session will focus on the CSR challenge in countries experiencing both Eastern and Western influences, e.g. Russia, Turkey.

Participants include:
Dr. Vladimir Zakharov - Director of the Russian Sustainable Development Institute and a renowned scientist, Vladimir has produced over 250 publications and advocates in favor of environmental issues in his native country.
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> Tous les chemins mènent à Lille.by Dylan Bonfils - ESPOL

> « It's comforting to see the new generation interested in the environment. » Pr. Vladimir Zakharov by Dylan Bonfils - ESPOL


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9A - East-West: CSR in countries at the... par WorldForumLilleTV


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> Serdar DINLER presentation : Speech & PowerPoint
> Alexey KOSTIN presentation
> Vladimir ZAKHAROV presentation