8C - Food supply and health: Companies have a lot at stake

This session will focus on the strategic and operational implications inherent in the relationship between health and food supply. Discussions will feature a panel of international experts raising the topics of: the food supply of the future, sustainable nutrition, striking balances between agriculture and food production as well as between pleasure, health and price. A comprehensive examination of the food processing industry, France's leading sector of activity, will also be provided.

-- Summary --

> L'éthique surpasse le profit - Interview de Gérard Boivin by Victor Morelle - ESPOL

> « Je suis ce que je mange mais je ne sais pas ce que je mange » by Marthe Desreumaux - EFAP Lille


-- Replay --

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-- Files --

> Gérard BOIVIN presentation (french version)
> Mark BRAND presentation