Responsible consumption, source of schizophrenia among buyers

Recent events and trends have shed light on the limits of current suppliers' CSR practices and the responsibility of brands and consumers, as highlighted by the Bangladesh factory collapse, horse meat found in frozen lasagna, the Western world's employment crisis and the need to strike a new balance in global manufacturing activities.

Buyers are seeking the lowest prices, while ensuring fast delivery schedules and requesting their suppliers apply best social and environmental practices. And yet, these suppliers will be evaluated on the overall buying experience and not on CSR. Consumers are calling for greater ethics and fairness in the products they purchase but are not willing to pay a premium for these values.

How can a new pact between consumers, brands and suppliers be defined? This session will focus on such questions.

With a Business leader of the region North of France as special guest: 
Thomas Pocher, Chief executive, Tempodis/E.Leclerc


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Edition 2013
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From 14h30 to 16h00
Lille – CCI - Grand Hall
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