Moderator Joëlle BROHIER-MEUTER


President and Co-founder of the French RSE & Développement (CSR & Development) association, that informs on CSR in developing and emerging countries, for an enhanced contribution of the private sector to Millennium Development Goals. Joelle Brohier-Meuter received a Master In Management (MIM) from Rouen Business School and a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Decision Making from the Open University UK (UK).

Prior to being involved in CSR and sustainable development, Joëlle worked 11 years with Unilever, Bosch and Havas Advertising. She held Marketing, Research, Communication and Consultancy positions. Living in Singapore and now in Shanghai, she works with several NGOs and international organizations in Africa and Asia on CSR, sustainable development and millennium goals for development issues.

She also is Co-President of the Sustainability Committee of the FCCS, sits on the steering committee of the World Forum Lille Institute (France) and founded the Anakout CSR Consultancy.



Follow on twitter : @RSEetPED

Contribution to two books :

- Collective book, Responsible Management in Asia, Perspectives on CSR, 2010, by Geoffrey Williams for Palgrave Macmillan (Ed.)

- Socially Responsible & Sustainable: Company Perspectives & Experiences, 2010, Singapore, by Wong, Evelyn S. (Ed.)

Her websites :

- Her consultancy agency : Anakout

- Her website about CSR


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