Speaker Philippe HOURDAIN


Beyond the current economic crisis engulfing us, coupled with a growing awareness of environmental and social imperatives, we're obligated, as a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to assess our territory's future prospects and take actions necessary to propose our member companies a new path forward with our accompaniment.

For this reason, we've combined efforts with Réseau Alliances to build a more sustainable outlook.

One year after the Third industrial revolution master plan was presented at World Forum 2013, we can be proud of the ambitious challenges that have been met since. Outside of speeches promoting values, the objective behind this initiative is crystal clear: building grassroots support for the approach, mobilizing economic actors like never before, raising the level of corporate commitment and completing projects are what actually advances our Third industrial revolution. Renewable energy development, an intelligent mobility policy and both circular and functionality economies are among the noteworthy illustrations.

From this latest forum gathering, we're expecting even more guidance, but above all shared experiences and best practices. Let's anticipate being exposed to new sources of inspiration for participants and development tools for companies, which must lead by example in embracing this Third industrial revolution.

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Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie des Hauts-de-France
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