Speaker Serdar DINLER


Serdar Dinler currently serves as President of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey), whose mission is to “create tools, resources and methodologies for business to behave socially responsible on social, economic and environmental issues so that business can have a positive impact on the development of society”.

In addition to his role with CSR, Mr Dinler directs the Life Long Learning Centre at Kadir Has University in Istanbul where he develops educational programmes in line with the needs of the public and identifies solutions to these challenges in order to approach high-quality educational models. Mr Dinler previously worked at the British Council for 23 years and has founded more than 20 NGOs, thereby becoming an expert on NGOs in Turkey.

CSR Association of Turkey

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Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) is an independent NGO formed in 2005 by the efforts from academics, businesses and other civil society organizations.

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CSR Association of Turkey
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