Speaker Miriam DUAILIBI


Miriam Duailibi is cofounder and member of Alampyme´s board,, entrepreneur, and former president of the Women's World Bank. Alampyme is a nonprofit focused on strengthening Small and Medium Businesses.
She is also president of the Ecoar Institute for Citizenship, an environmental and social NGO launched in 1992 during the United Nations' Rio Conference on Environment and Development. Ecoar focuses on Education for Sustainable Societies, Climate Change, and advocacy with local and national governments on environmental, social justice and economic development issues, especially those affecting poor communities in metropolitan areas.
Miriam Duailivi is a professor of post-graduate courses at the Entrepreneurs Program of Boston Institute, where she teaches Education for Climate Change and Education for Sustainable Businesses. In 2008, Miriam launched the first Brazilian post-graduate course on Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration, an 18-month course certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and presenting, as teachers, 7 members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (which won the 2007 Nobel Prize).
As Ecoar's president she designs and coordinates projects and programs with major Brazilian companies such as Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, and Itaipu Binacional, a large national hydropower company.
Author of many publications such as Energy of a Dream, Evaluating Environmental Education in Brazil, Women's Enterprises, Water: a wet experience, and many articles for newspapers and books, Miriam is an active participant in networks all around the world such as the Climate Change Network, CCS Global Forum, the Brazilian Environmental Education Network, Social Technology Network, and the Centre for Socioecological Wisdom and Care of the La Plata River Basin, among many others.


Learn more about Miriam Duailibi with this interview by Marine Souxdorf (ESPOL) World Forum Lille 2014 reporter:

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