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Stéphanie currently heads the co-creation initiative in Europe. Enthused by new models positioned at the crossroads of "social" and "business" and excited about the potential to serve as a change agent on each side of this intersection, Stéphanie joined Ashoka in 2004 in order to launch the initiative entitled "Economic Citizenship for All". After operating from the international head office in Washington, she accepted an assignment based in Mexico, where she oversaw the initiative for 4 years. During her various roles with Ashoka, Stéphanie developed many robust partnerships with an array of organizations - companies, foundations, networks and academic institutions - to accelerate the implementation of social innovations and inclusive business models. Upon graduating from the ESSEC Business School, she worked for 5 years as corporate consultant with Deloitte in Paris and Boston before coordinating World Relief programs in Rwanda, where among other things she created a new rural development program.



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Ashoka - a non profit organisation with no political affiliation - is the 1st international network of social entrepreneurs. Its objective is to give rise to a new world where everybody is able to act quickly and efficiently to answer Society's challenges. Everyone a changemaker™.

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