Speaker Fabien COURTEILLE


Fabien Courteille is a member of the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, where he founded Batang Bayani International, Inc. (BBII), a social enterprise which aims to build a global company that offers proudly Filipino, child-friendly and environmental-friendly educational toys.

It aims to create local jobs and promote the Filipino culture. Plush and Play offers fun and educational plush toys for children which are named after local vegetables and local icons. These products are handmade at home by partner mothers in the GK communities which showcase their undervalued sewing and crafting skills, it also showcases their creativity as all of the products are designed and produced by both community partners and social entrepreneurs.

Partnering with Gawad Kalinga, Fabien Courteille wishes to develop around the plushes, a collection of books for children and cartoons in English and Tagalog to help the Filipino kids to reconnect with their culture and language.

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